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[texts]Peter Trawl - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Peter is a young teenager in a family that suffers a series of disastrous events. Family money is lost due to the failure of a bank, not at all uncommon in those days, probably about 1830. They lived in Portsmouth, where the father was a wherryman, ferrying people out to the ships. The father meets with an accident, having ferried a passenger to his ship at anchor outside the harbour, is caught up by freak weather, which broke up his boat and drowned him...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Peter; Trawl; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 262
[texts]John Deane - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
According to the author in his preface, John Deane really existed and had an interesting and successful life in a variety of roles. He was born in 1679, of well-to-do parents, but started his working life as a drover, that is to say a person who drove great herds of cattle from the countryside to the great cities like London, for consumption there. He then joined the Navy and rose to become a ship's captain...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; John; Deane; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 328
[texts]Old Daniel, by Rev Tom Hodson - Rev Tom Hodson (1804-1882)
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Tom; Hodson; Old Daniel; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 96
[texts]The Three Midshipmen - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
The tale of the Three Midshipmen is carried on to the Three Lieutenants, the Three Commanders, and the Three Admirals. The book starts with the arrival of three new boys at a boarding school for young gentlemen. One boy is English, one is Scottish, and the third is Irish. Under the influence of various bullies and other schoolboy adversities the three lads learn to stick together, and to look after each other...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Three; Midshipmen; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 276
[texts]The Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and Baron Stilkin - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This book is definitely intended for the younger ones. Kingston does not really show how humorous he can be in most of his books, but this book is definitely meant to be funny and succeeds. Two elderly minor nobles agree that they will set out on a voyage to see the world. They set out on it, but their adventures take them no farther than Holland, which is where they already are. They have various mishaps, and even at one point get separated, only coming together again by chance...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Count; Funnibos; Baron; Stilkin; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 217
[texts]In the Wilds of Africa - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The hero of the book gets himself a job on board of a vessel, which has a number of misfortunes. She loses several officers, then her captain dies, leaving a totally unsuitable officer, Kydd, in charge. Finally she runs aground near the shore, where the natives slay some of the crew. They leave the ship on a raft, Kydd being on one, and our hero and many other passengers on a second. The latter is picked up by a fine-looking vessel, that proves to be a Portuguese slaver...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Wilds; Africa; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 304
[texts]The_Island_Home_by_Richard_Archer - Richard Archer, aka James F Bowman, mid nineteenth century
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Richard; Archer; Island; Home; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 103
[texts]Sunshine Bill - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Bill's father is a wherry-man in Portsmouth Harbour, who one day has an accident and is killed. Bill's mother is a seller of apples. The whole family are a happy, good-humoured lot. Bill is befriended by a Captain Trevelyan, who offers him a boy seaman's place in his ship, the Lilly. So Bill goes off to sea, knowing that it would be perhaps four years or more before he would see his family again. His companions as boy seamen include Tommy Rebow, a somewhat weaker lad than Bill...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Sunshine; Bill; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 192
[texts]Archibald Hughson, The Young Shetlander - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Archibald is a teenager living in Shetland, that group of islands to the north of Scotland. His father is dead, and his mother not very well. He longs to go to sea, and a seaman he knows aids him to stow away in a whaling ship, the "Kate", just parting for Greenland, where there is an abundance of whales. The Captain is very kind, and accepts the situation. But one day when the boats are sent out in search of whales Archy stows away again, to see the fun...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Archibald; Hughson; Young; Shetlander; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 226
[texts]Ernest Bracebridge - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
A very well-written book--one of Kingston's best. It is about various events and personalities in a Victorian school. The boy after whom the book is named is such a heroic character that one can't help wondering if he is really either Kingston's own son, or maybe the son whom Kingston would have liked to have. In one of the last chapters it so happens that some of the boys pay a visit to another school, which happens to be the one your reviewer was at...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Ernest; Bracebridge; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 187
[texts]The Ferryman of Brill - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Chapters 1 to 4 constitute "The Ferryman of Brill", while the other seven chapters are short stories on their own. All these stories had previously appeared in early volumes of "The Quiver". They were collected and published by Cassell's, who were not Kingston's usual publishers, and the book came out in the year of Kingston's death. Kingston, William Henry Giles (1814-1880), English novelist, son of Lucy Henry Kingston, was born in London on the 28th of February 1814...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Ferryman; Brill; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 263
[texts]The Voyages of the "Ranger" and "Crusader" - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
The Ranger is a naval vessel, employed largely as a troopship, carrying men to India and other areas in which the British strove to keep the peace, the Pax Britannica, while the Crusader is being used as an emigrant ship, carrying people looking for a new life in New Zealand. It appears that many emigrants were a pretty useless lot, whom no life anywhere would have suited, and this comes out very clearly towards the end of the book...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Ranger; Crusader; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 410
[texts]A Pair of Clogs - Amy Walton (1845-~1925)
In the first of the stories a young girl-child is stolen by the gypsies. Yet they decide to give the child up, and they leave it in an out-house owned by a young clergyman. The latter isn't very pleased at this, but his wife certainly is, and they bring the child up. After a few years, and in a particularly tense moment, the true mother is found. An agreement is reached, whereby the child is shared...
Keywords: Athelstane; Amy; Walton; Pair; Clogs; Gray; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 360
[texts]Ned Garth - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Ned Garth; Made Prisoner in Africa. A Tale of the Slave Trade. Kingston, William Henry Giles (1814-1880), English novelist, son of Lucy Henry Kingston, was born in London on the 28th of February 1814. Much of his youth was spent at Oporto, where his father was a merchant, but when he entered the business, he made his headquarters in London. He early wrote newspaper articles on Portuguese subjects. These were translated into Portuguese, and the author received a Portuguese order of knighthood and...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Ned; Garth; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 194
[texts]The Mate of the Lily - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This is another book by Kingston on the theme of a youngster whose father has not returned from a voyage at sea, and whose mother therefore is almost destitute, with several younger children to house and feed. Luckily her brother Jack, the Mate of the Lily, is home, and though pledged in marriage, offers to provide for the family, taking the eldest, Harry, with him as an apprentice officer. They are to look for a return cargo in the Java Seas and thereabouts, and use the opportunity, following c...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Mate; Lily; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 192
[texts]The Voyage of the Steadfast - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The "Steadfast" is a whaling vessel, based on Liverpool. The whaling grounds are in the Pacific, so each voyage involves a long time away from home. The story opens with the owner-captain's wife and daughter sitting at home during a great storm, in which a vessel is wrecked very near their house. On board the ship are Harry Graybrook, the skipper's son, and another youngster called Dickey Bass. Leonard Champion is the mate, and is also in love with the captain's daughter, whom we met in Chapter ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Voyage; Steadfast; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 266
[texts]The Congo Rovers - Harry Collingwood, (pseudonym), (1851-1922)
This book by Collingwood is a good story, but as your reviewer has said elsewhere, told in a rather long-winded manner, and in the notably Kingston style and format that Collingwood often adopts. Why not? Kingston was dead before Collingwood started to write, and the style had been proved to be what young readers of the era liked. The format specifically is that the book starts with a young boy who is suddenly offered a posting as a midshipman in a naval vessel about to sail in a few days’ tim...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Congo; Rovers; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 560
[texts]Two Gallant Sons of Devon - Harry Collingwood, (pseudonym), (1851-1922)
The story opens in the town of Devonport, now a naval dockyard, in the year 1577, on a light June evening. Two young men, close friends, meet after work, and go for a sail in a lugger borrowed from a boat-builder, but while they are out, there is a violent change in the weather, with the wind reversing and increasing to a point in which the lugger is swamped, and about to sink. They are picked up by a passing vessel, which turns out to be a privateer, and her captain refuses to waste time by lan...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Gallant; Sons; Devon; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 301
[texts]Snow-Shoes and Canoes - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The basic story-line is that there is a fort in the Hudson Bay Territory that needs some stores and materials to be sent to it from another fort about 150 miles away. The journey could be done by canoe, but there are none available at this time. So a party of people are sent overland to fetch what is required. There are encounters with bears and other dangerous animals; there are times when they are very hungry and very tired...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Snow; Shoes; Canoes; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 330
[texts]The Frontier Fort - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Another well-written yarn by Kingston, with a background of Indian territory in the Red River area of North America. Plenty of action, ambushes, shootings, fast rides on horseback, and other incidents apparently typical of the life of those days and in such a place. Kingston, William Henry Giles (1814-1880), English novelist, son of Lucy Henry Kingston, was born in London on the 28th of February 1814...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Frontier; Fort; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 272
[texts]Roger Willoughby - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Sadly, this was the last book Kingston wrote. He was diagnosed with a rapid fatal illness while he was writing it, and he used the opportunity of bidding his young readers farewell in the Preface. There is a lot of action in the book, from encounters with the Barbary Pirates in what is now called Morocco, to military goings-on in Somerset and Dorset, to trials by Jeffreys, the Chief Justice (or Injustice might be a better name)...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Roger; Willoughby; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 263
[texts]Percival Keene - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
The young hero of this book is soon seen to be the result of an unfortunate liaison between a rising star of a sea-captain, and the housekeeper's daughter at his aunt's mansion. The boy joins the navy and is given a good deal of covert help ny his (actual) father. On a couple of occasions the young officer is believed lost in some engagement, but after a series of adventures manages to make his way back to the ship, much to his father's relief...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Percival; Keene; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 329
[texts]Principal books of Lewis Hough - Lewis Hough (fl. late nineteenth century)
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Lewis Hough; Principal books; PDF; TXT
Downloads: 200
[texts]The Mission; or Scenes in Africa - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
Marryat wrote this in his last years, when he was writing books for children. Unlike his "Settlers in Canada", where he knew a great deal about the country, he can't have known much about Africa, so he had to refer to other sources for his facts. This is pure supposition, but he must have supplemented his knowledge somehow. This warning apart, he did a good job of it, and gets the scenes well described, though in rather a lecturing tone, the same tone as he uses in "Masterman Ready"...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Mission; Scenes; Africa; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 466
[texts]Over the Rocky Mountains - R.M. Ballantyne (1825-1894)
This is one of the short but interesting books that Ballantyne wrote with the less well-off members of his readership in mind. All of these were of about 120 pages, and quite small books, that could be sold for only a shilling or two. The hero of many of them is a character called Will Osten, or Wandering Will. In this book he returns from a long trip away, during which his father had died, so his mother was very pleased to see him...
Keywords: Athelstane; Ballantyne; Rocky; Mountains; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML; djvu; prc; fb2
Downloads: 363
[texts]Earl Hubert's Daughter - Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893)
This is one of Emily Holt's admirable and deeply researched historical novels, this time set in the early years of the thirteenth century. The main players in the story appear at first sight to be the upper-class ladies of the Court, and their various somewhat confusing relationships. But early in the book an old Jewish pedlar comes and displays rich wares of a surprising value and variety. One of the girls asks if he can get some special embroidery done on a scarf she wants to give as a present...
Keywords: Athelstane; Emily; Holt; Earl; Huberts; Daughter; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 581
[texts]In the Wilds of Florida - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
In this book by Kingston we are introduced to Florida in the mid-19th century, when the tail-end of the wars between the Cherokee and Seminole Indians was still rumbling on, and the white man was still occasionally disturbed by attacks by Indians. Large areas of the territory are swamp, water, and densely overgrown plains. All this is described in detail. Our hero this time is a "school-leaver" from Ireland, whose father seems to have had just one too many sons for him to be able to provide for ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Wilds; Florida; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 595
[texts]Kilgorman - Talbot Baines Reed (1852-1893)
This was Reed's last book, written even as he lay dying, presumably from cancer. It is a very well-written book, and is very interesting, even though as in the works of Kingston and Collingwood there are a lot of swimming episodes. The time of the story is in the 1790s, during the French Revolution, which we see at close quarters during our hero's time in France. We also visit Rotterdam, in Holland...
Keywords: Athelstane; Talbot; Baines; Reed; Kilgorman; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 307
[texts]She and I, volume two - John Conroy Hutcheson (1840-1897)
In Volume Two we have much the same personnel as in Volume One; the vicar and his sister Miss Pimpernell; Lady Dasher and her two daughters; Miss Spight and Mawley the curate; Min and Mrs. Clyde; Catch the dog. Having set the scene in Volume One, Hutcheson goes on to weave a beautiful story round the love-affair between the hero, Lorton, and Min, she with the admirable grey eyes. We will not tell you how it fared--you must find that out for yourself...
Keywords: Athelstane; Hutcheson; She; I; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 541
[texts]The Hunters' Feast - "Captain" Mayne Reid (1818-1883)
The story starts in the city of St. Louis, towards the end of the summer of some year in the nineteenth century. Reid collects together a group of six men who would pay to take part in an expedition, camping and hunting, into the prairies. They take with them a couple of paid men, professionals who would give them very necessary guidance. They all make a pact that they would each tell a round of tales around the camp fire, such stories to be amusing and instructive...
Keywords: Athelstane; Mayne; Reid; Hunters; Feast; PDF; TXT; HTML; ZIP
Downloads: 693
[texts]Tom Finch's Monkey - John Conroy Hutcheson (1840-1897)
This is quite a short book, containing five short late Victorian stories. The first of these concerns a monkey on board ship, which was dressed up as an officer, and as such introduced to a visiting Admiral, who invites all the officers to dinner, stressing that he hoped to entertain the one who didn't speak much. The second story is an informative one about icebergs. The third concerns a yachting cruise in the Aegean Sea, among the Greek Islands, in which they save the live of a Greek...
Keywords: Athelstane; Hutcheson; Tom; Finch; Monkey; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 420
[texts]Clara Maynard - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This is a short book, about a quarter of the length of a typical Kingston novel. Clara is the daughter of a retired Royal Navy Captain, who owns a large yacht, a cutter. She can take a large number of guests to sea, even more than the cutter in Marryat's "The Three Cutters". They use the yacht as a means of getting to a picnic spot on a beach, where they are met by even more people, including the new incumbent of the local parish, the family who own the presentation to the living, and a couple o...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Clara; Maynard; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 202
[texts]Hendricks the Hunter - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
In this well-written book we find ourselves in Zululand, amid the beautiful scenery of South Africa. Hendricks makes his living by hunting, and trading the skins and other products. It is a dangerous way of earning money, and we are with him on one of his trips. There are dangers from animals, lack of water, snakes, and, of course, the natives. Some of the latter are friendly, and these are sympathetically depicted in the story...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Hendricks; Hunter; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 269
[texts]Across the Spanish Main - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922)
This book, of average length, is set at the end of the sixteenth century, when the English were in a state of war against the Spanish. The heroes of the story are two boys from Devon, a county in the south-west of England. They set off with a view to repairing the fortunes of the family of one of them, by chasing and capturing Spanish treasure ships. Their adventures are many and various, and include being captured by a famous pirate...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harry; Collingwood; Spanish; Main; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 517
[texts]Charley Laurel - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Here Kingston gives us a story of a young boy who had been handed to a British seaman, Dick, at a place in the West Indies which had just been attacked by the British. The boy's nurse, a coloured woman, had received a fatal wound. The boy is brought up by Dick on board ship, but there are all sorts of misadventures, such as being cast away on a raft, being picked up by what turns out to be a pirate ship, escaping and then being rescued by a privateer...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Charley; Laurel; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 257
[texts]Newton Forster - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
In this book the nautical component is provoded by the Merchant Service, or Merchant Navy, as we would call it these days. The hero is the sole survivor of a wreck, being rescued and brought ashore by a Newfoundland dog. He is adopted and brought up by an absent-minded old watch-maker, whose dog found him, and whose brother is an eminent and well-to-do lawyer in London. Some of the story takes place on an East Indiaman, as we watch our hero's career develop...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Newton; Forster; Merchant; Service; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 446
[texts]Saved from the Sea - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
The books starts off with a young Grammar-School boy being introduced to the local tailor, who is also a bit of a linguist. Our hero, and his friend Halliday, learn Arabic with the tailor. This turns out later on to have been very fortunate. Our hero and his friend are taken on as midshipmen on a frigate, where they are well trained. They spend three years at sea, and have the chance of visiting various ports in the Eastern Mediterranean, and also of getting to Cairo...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Saved; Sea; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 635
[texts]The Little Savage - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
This remarkable book is one of those on which Marryat was working during his last few months. It was finished by his son. A young boy and a rather nasty old man have been marooned on a remote tropical island. The man is very unkind to the boy, and treats him like a slave. But the man is struck blind by lightning, just at the very moment when it appeared likely that they were to be rescued. The boy is able to force the man to behave better, and learns to read, using the letters in the Prayer Book...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Little; Savege; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 441
[texts]Young Tom Bowling - John Conroy Hutcheson (1840-1897)
This book fills a gap about just how boy seamen were trained at the end of the nineteenth century. From first to last it is very credible, and also very readable. It was not very easy to transcribe, because the boys we meet come from a variety of country places, and hence have a variety of dialects. In particular one of the boys has a strong Irish brogue, and another has an equally strong west Hampshire accent...
Keywords: Athelstane; Hutcheson; Young; Tom; Bowling; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 611
[texts]Our Sailors - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
Gallant actions by the British Navy during the reign of Queen Victoria. This book was originally written by Kingston quite early on in his career as a writer. As he died in 1880 he predeceased the Queen by quite a few years. The book was bought up to date, including we believe some input by George Henty, the writer of numerous books for boys, who had been a friend of Kingston’s. So this edition presses on a quarter of a century beyond Kingston’s death...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Sailors; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 674
[texts]Taking Tales - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This book is a collection of six tales. Originally each of these was published as a separate book, at a low price. Each story was full of interest, and the intention was that the families of England would sit down as a family to read and discuss the story. In this collection we have a story about an English country miller; a boy who goes to sea; a family who settle in Canada; a boy who joins the army and serves in the Crimea and in the Indian Mutiny; an Australian shepherd; and lastly, but far f...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Taking; Tales; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 251
[texts]A Yacht Voyage Round England - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
This is a most remarkable book, copiously illustrated with interesting engravings. A young boy and his brother are sent home early from their boarding-school, because of illness among the pupils. Their father is a retired captain in the Royal Navy, who has had a beautiful yacht built. He suggests that the family should spend this lengthened summer holiday sailing round England. This means sailing round the southern part of Scotland, passing through the Caledonian Canal...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Yacht; Voyage; England; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 619
[texts]The Land of Fire - Captain Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-83)
As we are told in the Preface, this is the last book Reid wrote before his death in 1883. A young farm-boy walks down to Portsmouth, a port not too far away, and eventually gets taken on as a hand on an American barque, trading with the Pacific. Four years later he has risen to be second mate. But when rounding Cape Horn a severe storm overwhelms the vessel, and she is lost after springing a very bad leak...
Keywords: Athelstane; Captain; Mayne; Reid; Land; Fire; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 474
[texts]Dick Cheveley - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Dick is the teenage son of an early nineteenth century vicar in England. The boy has a passionate desire to go to sea, but his family, especially his Aunt Deb, oppose this. One reason is that if he were to go as a midshipman he would be required to have at least fifty pounds a year to keep appearances up, and that money wasn't available. He forms a friendship with another boy, Mark, who gets into trouble for being a poacher...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Dick; Cheveley; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 223
[texts]The First Mate - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922)
The hero of this story is Walter Leigh, who takes a job as second mate aboard a gasoline-powered yacht owned by a Mrs. Vansittart, whose husband is an American industrialist. Julius Vansittart is a rather nasty 12-year-old, who, despite his life being saved by Leigh, when he had fallen overboard, hates the English, and never misses an opportunity of being as unpleasant as possible, even to the point of stupidity...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harry; Collingwood; First; Mate; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 155
[texts]Winter Adventures in the Great Lone Land - Rev. Egerton Ryerson Young (1840-1909)
While a wintry storm was raging outside, in the month of November, three happy, excited boys were gathered around the breakfast table in a cozy home in a far North Land. To those who have not read of the previous doings of these young lads we would say that our heroes were three noble boys from across the sea. They had come out the previous summer from Great Britain by the Hudson Bay Company's ship and had had several months of most delightful and exciting adventures in the wild North Land...
Keywords: Athelstane; Young; Winter; Adventures; Great; Lone; Land; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 514
[texts]Chance, by Joseph Conrad - Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Joseph; Conrad; Chance; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 337
[texts]In the Rocky Mountains - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This is a very nicely written little book. It is easy to read or listen to, yet is full of real-sounding dangerous situations from which the young heroes escape with difficulty. The hero and his sister, Ralph and Clarice, are from a farming family in the middle states of America. The father, unwillingly followed by the mother, decide to move to the west, but unfortunately first the mother, and then the father, dies, and the two young people are left without an adult to guide and lead them...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Rocky; Mountains; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 259
[texts]Manco, the Peruvian Chief - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
Here is another Kingston novel about South America. As usual he makes the point that the Spaniards were very cruel, especially in the way they oppressed the Indian tribes. The family in the story are English, and they get pulled into helping an Inca chieftain, Manco, in his flight from the Spaniards. This seems to mirror several other books by Kingston. There is always a long trek overland, the point of which usually eludes me, but which gives rise to all sorts of difficult situations, with Span...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Manco; Peruvian; Chief; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 625
[texts]The Nebuly Coat, by John Meade Falkner - John Meade Falkner (1858-1932)
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Falkner; Nebuly; Coat; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 322
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